America's Pet Registry General Questions
What is America's Pet Registry?
Why should I register my dog?
I've lost my pet's papers; how do I get a replacement?
Can I register my other dogs with APRI?
How do I register my puppies?
Does APRI conduct kennel inspections?
Does APRI require DNA testing?
Does APRI have dog shows?
Trouble submitting an APRI litter?
Trouble submitting a photograph?
Don't see an option online that's listed on your application?
Are my credit card numbers safe?
Why are the charges different online than what is listed on my application?
Common reasons your registration application may be rejected:

 Despite our best intentions and modern technology designed to make our lives easier, sometimes the applications you submit online don't make it to our servers.
If you don't receive a confirmation email from us saying we received your request within 48 hours AND you have verified the email address you submitted is correct, please call our office to check the status of your registration. Usually you will receive your litter papers from us within just a few days. Dog registrations may take a little longer especially if the photo option is chosen. In any case, if you don't receive your paperwork within two weeks, please call us.