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American Bulldog

(Old Country Bulldog)

Unique Origin

The original American Bulldog was used in the bloody sport of bull and bear baiting. They were also used by farmers and ranchers as guard dogs and for hunting bear, wild boar, raccoon, and squirrel. They were trained to drive cattle and guard stock as well. The American version of the Bulldog can run faster and has more agility than the English Bulldog due to their longer legs. The American Bulldog is alive and well today because of the efforts of John D. Johnson of Summerville, Georgia and Allen Scott of the Sand Mountain area of northeastern Alabama. After World War II they noticed that the breed was almost extinct, and they both devoted their lives to preserving the American Bulldog.  Almost every American Bulldog can trace his or her pedigree back to Johnson’s foundation stud dog, “Dick the Bruiser” or Allen Scott’s foundation stud dog “Mac the Masher.”

The Johnson American Bulldogs have heavier bones, wider chests and boxier heads, resembling more closely the English bulldog, and they have a distinctly undershot bite.  They are called the classic American Bulldog and are the larger of the two types.  Allen Scott’s bulldogs are smaller and more athletic.  The Scott type has a narrower head and muzzle.  It also has what is called a reverse scissors bite, having a slightly undershot jaw with the lower teeth at the front of the mouth touching the outside of the upper teeth.  Eventually both types of American Bulldogs were mixed to produce a hybrid type. 


The American Bulldog is known as brave, determined, and absolutely loyal to its owner. There are many tales about their bravery and heroism. They do not wait for a command, but assess the situation themselves and react appropriately. They are said to have “true grit, true devotion and true love.” This breed genuinely loves children. This dog needs to be around people and know their place in the “pack” to be truly happy.


The American Bulldog usually weighs between 60 to 120 pounds and stands approximately 20 to 28 inches tall. They are a large dog with a very muscular build. Their coat is smooth and short, and comes in all shades of brindle, and varying degrees of red, brown, white, fawn, tan, and piebald.

Interesting Facts

The original Bulldog was brought to America in the early Colonial times. He did not undergo the “improvements” of the English Bulldog, so today they still have the same look as they had in their “fighting” days in England. They can leap eight feet in the air and turn on a dime. The American Bulldog is an all-around dog, used for protection, hunting, and a wonderful companion.