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Unique Origin

The Samoyed is an ancient working breed that originated from herding dogs of the North. They were used by the Siberian Samoyede people for pulling sleds, guarding property, and herding reindeer. The sweet-tempered nature of this dog came about when the Samoyede people would include them with their family activities and treat them kindly. This created a sense of loyalty and trust in the breed that still exists to this day. The Samoyed gene pool is closely related to the primitive dog with no wolf or fox mixed in. Sir Ernest Shackleton and other explorers took the Samoyeds with them on polar expeditions, including Shackleton’s famous journey to the Antarctic. Only the strongest dogs survived this expedition due to the terrible hardships they had to endure. Twelve dogs are credited as the foundation of the Samoyed breed today. Most were obtained through a handful of English breeders and through explorers.


This happy, good-natured dog is known for his “Sammy smile”, the slight upturn of their mouth that looks just like a smile. They are gentle, devoted, easygoing, friendly and very playful. The Samoyed is a people-dog who wants to be the center of attention. Being so athletic and energetic, they love to go running, walking, or hiking. Samoyeds are known to be inquisitive and playful their entire lives. They are gentle with and very protective of children. They also make very good watchdogs, as they’ll alert you to any strangers. Samoyeds also love the sound of their voice and will yap, bark, yodel, and sing. These dogs make wonderful pets as they are trusting, loyal, gentle, and loving.


The Samoyed usually weighs between 44 to 66 pounds and stands approximately 16 to 22 inches tall. It is a medium-sized dog with a sturdy and muscular build. They have a thick, double coat which is usually white but can also be cream.

Interesting Facts

A Samoyed named Antarctic Buck is thought to be the first Samoyed brought to England. Queen Alexandra became enamored with them and was an enthusiast of the breed. Many present-day English and American Samoyeds are descended from her kennel.  Garry Garner, founder of America’s Pet Registry, owned a beautiful Samoyed female named Sammy that he acquired while living in Petersburg, Alaska.  She moved with him to Arkansas and had a wonderful life living on the farm.