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Scottish Terrier

Unique Origin

The Scottish Terrier was developed in Scotland in the 1700s. They are believed to be from The Old Scotch Terrier, one of the oldest breeds from Scotland, and the foundation dog for all of today’s terrier breeds. They were bred to hunt den animals such as rabbit, otter, fox and badger. Being so low to the ground enabled them to easily get their quarry. George, the fourth Earl of Dumbarton, nicknamed this breed Little Diehard.


The Scottish Terrier has been described as the dog that can go anywhere and do anything.  They’re described as a big dog in a small dog’s body. They are brave, charming, and full of character. The Scottie has a reliable temperament and is feisty, lively and intelligent. They are an active breed and love to play outside and take daily walks. Scotties are known to be stubborn, so you might want to start right away with obedience training. It’ll be worth it when you have a gentle, loyal, and protective companion. They are slow to accept anyone outside their own family, but their devotion to their own people is well known. This sensitive, sometimes serious and reserved little dog makes a wonderful family pet


The Scottish Terrier usually weighs between 18 to 23 pounds and stand approximately 9 to 11 inches tall. They are a small dog with a stocky, solid body on very short legs. Their coat is long and wiry and comes in a variety of colors including black, wheaten and numerous shades of brindle.

Interesting Facts

Scotties could be called the official lapdog of the White House, as they’re the only breed to have lived there more than three times. Franklin D. Roosevelt owned a few of them but his favorite was Fala. He rarely went anywhere without his little Scottie. George and Laura Bush had two in the White House, Barney and Miss Beazley. Barney starred in more than 9 films produced by and about the White House. Other famous people who owned Scotties were Queen Victoria, Eva Braun, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jacquline Kennedy and Rudyard Kipling. It has been said that Tatum O’ Neal was so devastated by the death of her beloved Scottie from cancer and old age that she relapsed into drugs.