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As an APRI registered member, I pledge:

  • To obey and follow all rules and regulations established for member breeders, distributors, and retailers by America’s Pet Registry, Inc. (APRI);
  • To encourage responsible pet ownership and an increased public awareness and acceptance of humane and noble animal programs;
  • To provide conscientious care, including adequate food, water, shelter, and medical assistance, for the animals entrusted to me, being constantly attentive to their security, safety, and well being, and to place their welfare above all other business considerations;
  • To obey all applicable federal, state, and local laws governing animal care;
  • To obey all applicable federal, state, and local laws concerning licensing, identification, and immunizations;
  • To never knowingly falsify any records or documents concerning the registrations or pedigrees of my animals;
  • To keep accurate records of all my animals, including registrations, matings, health, show, and, where applicable, USDA, state, and local record requirements;
  • To maintain identification of all my animals by approved methods, including, but not exclusive to, implanted microchips, tattoos, or collars with tags, and to correctly identify the animals with the registration certificates, applications, and pedigrees;
  • To deal honestly and fairly with everyone concerning my animals and to avoid misrepresentation in any form;
  • To avoid unfair competitive practices, any slander or defamation of my competitors, and actions or business practices which would result in dishonor or distrust of my competitors, the pet industry in general, or America’s Pet Registry, Inc.;
  • To help and assist the potential customer regarding the basic characteristics, both physical and mental, of my breed to determine the right breed for them;
  • To provide each customer appropriate APRI registration applications and/or certificates, unless a written contract to the contrary has been signed by the customer;
    To offer a written guarantee to my customers stating the extent and limits of my obligations concerning the animals once they leave my facility;
  • To provide, within my ability to do so, proper socialization for all my animals;
  • To never breed any animal until it is both physically and mentally mature;
  • To refrain from using my animals for any illegal activity;
  • To conduct myself in a sportsmanship manner at all competitive and fun shows, functions, and seminars;
  • To continue my education and training, as far as available, through, but not limited to, educational seminars, clubs, periodicals, and other respected and knowledgeable members of the pet industry; and
    To conduct my business in such a way as to bring honor and respect to America’s Pet Registry, Inc.