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Dual Registration

America’s Pet Registry, Inc. (APRI) registers dogs from other legitimate registries that keep a database of purebred dogs and offer pedigrees on dogs registered with them. We call this “dual registration.” Dual registering with APRI does not affect your dog’s registration with the originating registry. Your dog will be registered with both registries and have registration privileges with both APRI and the originating registry.

There is no charge to dual register a dog with APRI that is registered in your name with the originating registry. If the certificate has not been transferred to your name with the originating registry there will be a $25 registration fee.

To dual register your dog you will need to send a copy of his current registration paper to APRI. Be sure to include a copy of the back of the certificate with the transfer information completely filled out if you are not listed on the front as the current owner.

If you have an APRI Breeder ID number, please include it in your correspondence with APRI.


1) Via Mail

Mail a copy of your dog’s current registration with the appropriate fees to:

America’s Pet Registry, Inc.
10514 S & G Circle
Harvey, AR 72841

2) Via Fax

Fax the registration to 479-299-4417 or 501-542-4031 and include your phone number and credit card information if applicable.

3) Via Email

E-mail a copy of your dog’s registration and credit card information to

We must be able to verify a complete 3-generation pedigree on all APRI dual registrations. You may include pedigrees on your dogs to speed up processing. If we are not able to verify your dog’s pedigree, it will be registered with Pet Records of America (PRA). PRA is a subsidiary of APRI for dogs lacking complete 3-generation pedigrees. You will have the option to contact the original registry to obtain a pedigree and we will upgrade dogs from PRA to APRI at no charge once we receive a copy of the pedigree.