Dog Shows Rules

Changes to this page may be made without notice. Please call the office at 479-299-4418 for updates.

Please read the APRI Show Rules below:

I understand it is my responsibility to verify with APRI that my application has been received. If the application has not been received by APRI by the deadline, I will not hold APRI or the sponsoring club responsible for failure of postal service, fax, or email to deliver applications on time.

The Deadline for each show is 17 days prior to the show date. Show closes at 4pm on deadline date.

No late entries or door entries will be accepted for each show.

I am in good standing with America's Pet Registry, Inc., and all information submitted is true and accurate.

I agree to provide my dog's current Rabies Vaccination Certificate/Tag and current Shot Records when checking in for a show. I understand that I will not be allowed to show if Rabies Vaccinations and Shot Records  are  not available.

*** A required  Health Certificate with in 30 days prior  to the Show date will be the decision of the Hosting Show Club and will be posted on the APRI Show Schedule.


By applying to exhibit at the America's Pet Registry, Inc. sanctioned dog show, I agree to abide by the published rules for exhibitors and for show entries.

I agree to abide by the applicable APRI Pet owner, breeder, and exhibitor Codes of Ethics (the Codes of Ethics are published on the APRI web site and are available from the APRI office).

I agree to hold America's Pet Registry, Inc. and the sponsoring club, their officers, employees, agents, judges, and volunteers blameless and free from all liability for any and all events whatsoever that may occur in connection with this APRI sanctioned dog show, whether such event or accident may be or may be alleged to be the result of any negligence of the aforementioned parties.

I understand that no scores will be recorded until a DNA specimen has been taken at the show and the microchip scanned and recorded. I further understand that my dog(s) will be micro-chipped before the show I am entering. I agree to supply APRI with the correct chip number with my application for show registration.

By exhibiting my dog(s) in an APRI sanctioned show, I grant permission to APRI to publish photos of me and/or my exhibitor(s) and my dog(s) and to use the photos for promotion of APRI.

Dog show entries for individual dog are  1st Show $25 , 2nd show $25, 3rd Show $10. Most show dates are 3 shows.

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