Exhibitor Rules

Rules are subject to change when considered necessary.

  1. All APRI dog shows are conformation shows.  Dogs are judged by appearance and conformation as well as by temperament.  The latter is very important in a pet.  Grooming is also an essential element in the presentation of the dog to the judges.
  2. Your clean, neat public appearance is essential to the presentation of your dog.  Remember that you represent your dog, and, in turn, your dog represents you.
  3. Comfortable shoes are a must.  Judges will examine the gait of the dog.  If you move comfortably, your dog will move comfortably as well.
  4. All exhibitors will be required to wear identification in the form of a badge number.  This identification will be issued at the show.  This MUST be visible to the Show Marshall upon entering the ring and to the judges as they examine the dog.  Exhibitors should have only ONE number, that of the dog being shown at that time, visible on their clothing.
  5. All exhibitors must be on time and in the waiting area before their dog is called to enter the ring.
  6. The exhibitor must be in control of the dog at all times.  Failure to maintain control will result in immediate dismissal from the ring and/or removal from the show grounds.
  7. The Show Marshall(s), Judges, Secretary, Veterinarian, and Show Committee are the governing body of the show.  Their directives are beyond dispute and final while they are fulfilling their duties.
  8. Depending on the number of entries, dogs and bitches may be shown together since the judging is against the standard and not against each other.
  9. A qualifying score is 90% of the points possible.  Currently that is 180 points out of a possible of 200.  Dogs must earn those qualifying points in at least three shows to be a champion.
  10. Currently, judging will be based on four categories as follows:
    1. OVERALL IMPRESSION :  Appearance/Movement/Temperament
    2. HEAD:  Mouth/Bite/Teeth/Ears/Eye (shape & color) /Muzzle/Stop
    3. BODY:  Neck/Top-line/Tail/Chest/Ribcage/Height/Weight
    4. FRONT & REAR QUARTERS:  Feet/Legs/Shoulders/Hips/Angulation
  11. Championship titles will be awarded at these shows to qualifying dogs from previous shows.  Dogs must qualify for championship status in three separate shows to earn the title of APRI Champion.  A second title, Prominent Champion, requires that a dog that is already a champion attain 194 of the total points in at least three shows after achieving championship status.  The title ChPc will be registered on the certificates and pedigrees of those dogs that attain this title.  A third title, Champion par Excellence requires three perfect scores at any time within a dog’s show career.  The designation ChPe will be on the certificates and pedigrees of these dogs. 
  12. Puppies six months through nine months may be shown to qualify for championship titles, but only one qualification earned in the puppy class may be counted toward a champion title.  At least two qualifying shows must be earned in the adult class.
  13. Each show, even three on the same day, counts as a separate show with separate judges.  Registration fees must be paid for each show in which an exhibitor plans to participate.
  14. Qualifying dogs must have a DNA specimen collected and a microchip scanned and recorded before leaving the show.  Failure to do so will void the score for that show.  A microchip or tattoo is required of any dog earning points in an APRI show. All dogs participating in an APRI sanctioned show must be registered with America's Pet Registry, Inc., prior to the deadline for the show.  Potential entries not currently registered with APRI may qualify for dual registration if they are entered before the deadline and meet the requirements for dual registration.
  15. The entry fee for each dog in each show must be sent with the application.
  16. Entries can also be made on line or by fax using a Visa or Mastercard.
  17. No dog may be entered that is physically impaired; i.e., blind, deaf, monorchid, etc., but neutered dogs are permitted.  No dog may be entered with any trait that might prove threatening to the dogs, exhibitors, or spectators.
  18. No dog may be physically altered unless the breed standard warrants such alterations (dew claws removed, tail docked, ears cropped, etc.)  Dogs with ears that would normally be cropped may be shown with full ears with no penalty.
  19. No dog may be physically altered to disguise a congenital or hereditary fault, gait, or appearance.
  20. No dog may be sedated to compete.  Sedation or the administering of medication of any kind at the show site is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  21. No artificial appliance may be used to alter or enhance the natural gait or appearance of exhibiting dogs.
  22. Any judge may dismiss without question any dog exhibiting lameness or obvious contagious characteristics.
  23. Any judge may dismiss without question any dog displaying aggressive behavior.
  24. Neutered dogs may be shown with no penalty.
  25. Any dog not being groomed or awaiting entry to the ring must be crated or held outside all public areas in designated “Open” areas.
  26. APRI is a pet owners’ and breeders’ registry; therefore, dogs may be shown in any stage of production without penalty.  Example:  if a bitch has been producing, she may have a short coat on her underside.  A show judge will not discriminate against this producing dog over a full-coated fallow dog.
  27. Puppies may carry only one qualifying score toward earning a Champion title, with the remaining two scores being earned in the adult class after the dog is nine months old.
  28. Dogs will be judged by an independent judges who will examine the dog and record scores without conference with any other judge. 
  29. The dog with the highest point total from each group will continue to the Top Dog competition at the end of the show.  A separate scoring process will be used for the Top Dog portion of the show.
  30. Dogs will be judged strictly according to the written standard for that breed.  Those standards can be found on our web site at or by calling our office at (479) 299-4418.
  31. The exhibitor of the dog is not considered in the judging of the dog.  The only requirements are that a dog must gait on a lead and stand for examination.
  32. Any given show must have at least 60 dogs entered by the deadline date.  A show that does not meet the minimum may be cancelled.  In such an event, any entry fees will be returned to the exhibitors.
  33. All APRI shows, unless otherwise indicated, will begin at 9:00 a.m., with check-in beginning at 8:15 a.m.  All exhibitors are expected to be present to check-in before a given show starts.
  34. Exhibitors must have the following documents with them and be presented  at Check In..
    1. Current Rabies Vaccination Certification/Tag and Current Shot Records
    2. ** A required  Health Certificate with in 30 days prior  to the Show Date will be the decision of the Hosting Show Club and will be posted on the APRI Dog Show Schedule. 
  35. The sponsoring club is responsible for contact information such as hotels and location for the show.  The contact person will be listed on the web site.  Details will be added to the web site as APRI receives them.
  36. Exhibitors and spectators agree to hold APRI, the sponsoring club, their officers, employees, agents, judges, and volunteers blameless and free from all liability for any and all events whatsoever that may occur in connection with an APRI sanctioned dog show.
  37. By exhibiting dogs in an APRI sanctioned show, exhibitors and owners grant permission to APRI to publish photos of them, their handler(s) and dog(s) and to use the photos in promotion of APRI and its affiliates.
  38. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to verify that any applications for dog shows have been received by APRI.  
  39. Exhibitors may be of any age, as long as they can effectively control the dog at all times.  APRI encourages children and teenagers to participate in this sport and attempts to make its shows family oriented.
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