Breeder Application Form

This page is for Breeders who want to register as an APRI breeder and be assigned a breeder ID number. An ID number is required in order to register litters with APRI.

NOTE: If completing this form, it is not necessary to request the Free Information package; The information package is automatically included when ID's are mailed.

Please understand you do not need an APRI Breeder ID number unless you are registering litters with APRI. If you do not currently have litters to register with APRI, please wait to request an ID number until you have a litter or are expecting a litter very soon. Our staff normally issues litters the day the application is received so there it little delay.

The sire and dam must be registered with APRI in order to register a litter.

If you are merely interested in information about APRI, you should complete the Free Information Request on this site.