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Adult Breeding Shina Inu

Litter Details

  • BreedShiba Inu
  • Born04/28/2019
  • Males 3
  • Females 4
  • Price$200

Breeder Details

What I offer with my puppy

Pedigree, Registerable

I am wanting to downsize my kennel because of age/health.  These Shibas are double registered and sometimes Triple registered. I have pedigrees for all.

I have some beautiful Shiba Inu.  Blessed to have excellent breeders.  And they are friendly.  Will make a deal for all, partial or individual.  Shipping is $525 each, so if you want a lot (or all) you might consider coming to get them.

These dogs are raised outside, not housebroke.

Hondo, my first Shiba, raised from a pup.  He is a tri color.  Makes pretty babies!  5/7/17  Easy going

Kato is my middle boy, red, 35 pounds.  Does not fight (even other boys!) But he does occasionally climb. 4/28/19

Leroy is my youngest. tri color.  He is a goofy boy That bounces straight up like a pogo stick.  Taller and lanky 30# 1/22/21

Taffy, F, red, good mom.  Will fight other females..  2/1/16  35 #

Cinnamon f, r sesame, 35# Excellent Mom, friendly, loves attention.  She will fight other females, especially Taffy. 5/6/19

Hana F red sesame, 20#, Mostly friendly, easy going, good Mom.  6/22/21

Willow, she is young!  Friendly if you can catch her!  Good Mom.  20# 8/1/21.  Just had a litter 3/8/23.  Will be may before she can go .  8/1/21  Tri color



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