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Imperial/Miniature Shih Tzus

Litter Details

  • BreedShih Tzu
  • Born10/08/2023
  • Males 1
  • Females 2
  • Price$2,200

Breeder Details

What I offer with my puppy

Written Guarantee, Veterinary Examination, Current Vaccinations, Current Worming & Parasite Prevention, Registerable, Transportation or Shipping Available
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Missouri Home of Imperial/Teacup Shih Tzus

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Get to know us

My name is Aaron Spade and my wife is Melissa Spade.

It all started for us back in 2018 when we got married and decided to bring a Shih Tzu into our family. We were over the road truck drivers back then and wanted a road companion for the truck and one of us was always available to be giving him attention so he was a pretty happy guy, but we felt like he needed a companion and along comes Sassy in March 2019.

As time went by we eventually came off the road because of health conditions my wife has going on. I stayed driving locally and home every night, I was thinking this was a great way to help my wife cope with being stuck at home everyday and bring up her spirits, and I have a bit of extra time on my hands

and I decided I was very interested in getting another Shih Tzu and start researching showing her and along came Miss Tandi weighing 8 pounds May 2022 fully registered and vet health checked with breeding rights and a few months later we added our daddy  Mr Miller to the family he is 4.5 pounds and with the help and knowledge of an amazing breeder where we had gotten Byrd from and we decided to use her again because of his amazing personality and temperament, We were 100% correct in going with our gut on that choice because Tandi is an amazing little girl and eventually will be our first little mamma.

I had one male and one female many years ago and I bred her 5 times before spaying her and retired them both to a close family member when I went over the road. It was something I enjoyed very much and now that time and finances permit taking on this journey, We are very excited to start researching and building a small breeding stock that is intended to not only improve the breed, but also to provide excellent pets and registered emotional support dogs as well at some point in the next few years. Nothing fancy just basic commands and a willingness to sit with someone with anxiety and be able to be in public around distractions without anything distracting the dog from what its duties are while its working to support its human.

All of our Mother and Father dogs are raised either in our home and are exposed to our grandchildren and normal everyday noises.I raise them all as members of our family and we love them more than their are words to express. Our mothers will birth their babies in converted pack n play playpens with a hole formed in the side for entry and exit for momma, This was how I did my previous girl and it worked amazingly for her.

It also gives my wife something to snuggle on her bad days.

If youve never snuggled a Shih tzu youre missing out.

There will be imperial shih tzus ranging from 5 poundsbto 10 pounds and estimated weights will be listed per puppy

If you have any questions dont hesitate to email or call me and please email me if you want to be on my birthday email list to be notified when a litter is born.


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