America’s Pet Registry, Inc. is a purebred dog registry dedicated to the humane care of our animal wards, preservation of quality bloodlines, and the rights of responsible individual pet ownership. We have registered dogs from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries. APRI sponsors conformation dog shows, taking pride that our shows are family-oriented, friendly, and educational. This is a departure from registries that only emphasize a dog’s looks or performance.

Our mission is to be the world's best registry of purebred dogs, to offer our customers the highest quality documentation of bloodlines, through the best possible service at the most reasonable price. Additionally, APRI will use our One-Call program to offer breeder education with the goal of improving the health and quality of each and every dog registered with our service.

APRI is committed to the philosophy that all dogs are created equally whether they excel in an APRI show ring or in the family living room. We are America’s Pet Registry!

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