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Dog Shows

Dog Shows, Teleconferences, Educational Seminars and Events are listed on the Monthly Calendars.

**NOTE** Dog Show Schedules beginning 2022 will not be listed on the Dog Show Page. Information for each show will be listed on the Monthly Calendar. All entries are to be sent directly to the Breeder Club holding the show.

Please click the arrow on the calendar to go to each month looking for show information.

** All certificates must be sent in with enough time for you to receive the original certificate back in the mail. We will not be registering your dog and scanning and emailing copies to you for the show application. **
We do apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

Latest Past Events

Show Entries Are No Longer Accepted Through This Website. The Entries Must Be Sent To The Show Clubs. Address And Email To Send Entries To Is Posted With The Show Information On The Calendar Pages.