What are a few guiding principles of APRI?
  • To treat everyone as we would want to be treated
  • To give the best possible service to our customers
  • To always have a courteous staff member answer the phone – never a machine
  • To resolve issues as soon as possible and in a friendly manner
  • To provide the most reasonable prices for our services
  • To provide the highest quality pedigrees
  • To process litters and mail them within 24 hours
  • To process certificates and mail them within two weeks
Why should I register my dog?
  • To have access to your dog’s pedigree
  • To have the ability to provide papers for future litters of your dog
  • To have proof of ownership
  • To have documentation of purebred status
  • To have documentation of your dog’s name, owner, and lineage
  • To have protection against restrictive legislation ordinances
  • To have protection against legal and/or custody issues
  • To have documentation for overseas travel
What is the process of registering a litter?

If your dog has puppies, you will need to fill out a Breeder ID form (our customer number for you that is only filled out one time), and a litter application.  This can be accomplished online if BOTH the male and female are registered with APRI.  If both dogs are not already in APRI’s database, you can download the Litter Application and Breeder ID Application.  Once you have completed the forms, they can be mailed or faxed back to us.

What ways can a litter or dog application be submitted?

We have several convenient methods.  You can mail, email, fax, or call in by telephone.

Having trouble submitting an APRI litter?

Make sure you have a valid breeder ID number and that both the sire and dam are APRI and/or PRA registered in your name.  Make sure the sire and dam are of the same breed.  For example: L05-ZA-AC-31160T and L05-AZ-AO-31180T have different breed codes, and it will not go through.

What are some common reasons a registration application may not successfully transmit?
  • Your internet browser may not be compatible with our website
  • The registration number sequence has to look like the example given (L13-ZA-AB-33492B); any other sequence needs to be mailed or faxed.
  • All fields on the online application must be completed or it will not submit
  • Make sure the character is a zero or an O
What are some guidelines in submitting a photo for a photo certificate?

If you select the photo option you will be given instructions on how to upload your photo.  Extremely large photo files may halt the upload process.  Very small photos may appear blurry on the certificate.  Try to choose a photo that is at least 5”x7” but no larger than 9”x12” with a resolution of 100-200 dpi.  This will also make the uploading process quicker.  Please send in the best quality and nicest looking picture of your pet that you can.

Do you have a place for comments?

We have a comment section at the end of the registration process.

Are my credit card numbers safe on your website?

Yes.  We are PCI compliant and are in compliance with Network Solutions.  We perform numerous tests throughout the year to make sure your credit card is safe and secure on our site.

How do I know the information on my certificate is correct?

As with any registration service, we cannot witness the mating of the litters submitted to us.  However, anyone who registers a litter with APRI agrees to our Code of Ethics, that all information on the litter application is true to the best of their knowledge.  Anyone who knowingly provides false information is in jeopardy of having their membership revoked.

How long will it take me to get my certificate?

You will usually receive your certificate within two weeks.

Is America’s Pet Registry, Inc. a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, we are.  We hold an A+ status.

What if I have a problem with my pet?

Your first course of action should be to try to solve the problem with the party you bought your pet from.  When a complaint comes to our office, it must be in writing and addressed to the Director of Operations.  All information about the dog must be included in the complaint, which includes a copy of the registration paper, bill of sale, health papers, etc.  The Director of Operations will review the issue.  Our registry service, as with all registry services, is limited to the services we provide.  We cannot force anyone to take any action that they do not desire to take.  We will ensure all parties are aware of the complaint and strongly encourage a reasonable resolution and take any action that falls under our jurisdiction.

How do I get a replacement certificate?

Please call our office to get replacement certificates.  There is a $10 fee for duplicate certificates.  Certificates are available to current owners of record.  If you have not registered your pet in your name, you will need to contact the breeder, pet store, or person you purchased your dog from and have them order a replacement paper.

How do I register my other dogs with APRI?

We accept dogs from other legitimate registries for ‘dual registration.’  We may request a pedigree on dual registrations if the dog’s parents are not currently registered in our database.  There is no charge for dual registering a dog that is already in your name with another registry.  However, a fee will apply if the dog needs to be transferred to your name.

Does America’s Pet Registry have dog shows?

Yes, we do.  Check out our website for the current show calendar.  In APRI dog shows, dogs are judged against the breed standard and earn points towards their championship.  We try to keep our shows enjoyable, and we welcome children to the show ring.

Does APRI conduct kennel inspections?

We have introduced the Kennel Assist Program, and we conduct kennel assist visits at the request of the breeder for the purpose of improving kennel facilities and breed quality.

Does APRI require DNA testing?

At this time DNA testing cannot determine purebred status.  DNA can, however, determine parentage.  If there is a dispute of parentage, APRI may request the breeder to perform DNA testing.

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